Roy Kim Elevated to President & Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Cardiac Insight

In a strategic move to fortify its leadership team, Cardiac Insight, a trailblazer in wearable ECG technology, announced the promotion of Roy Kim to the role of President & Chief Growth Officer (CGO), effective April 2, 2023. This significant advancement follows Mr. Kim’s appointment as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in April 2022, shortly after Cardiac Insight’s acquisition by Dreamtech.

Roy Kim’s seamless transition from CFO to President & CGO represents the dynamic skill set he brings to the table. His strategic financial insights, honed during his tenure as Senior Vice President & Area Banking Manager at Hanmi Bank, align perfectly with the multifaceted demands of leading Cardiac Insight into its next phase of growth.

Traditionally, the transition from CFO to President & CGO might seem unconventional, but Mr. Kim’s journey underscores the evolving role of financial leaders in today’s dynamic business landscape. Beyond the numbers, modern CFOs are increasingly involved in strategic decision-making and driving growth initiatives, making them well-suited for broader leadership roles.

Commenting on this appointment, industry insiders highlight Kim’s unique blend of financial acumen and strategic vision. His experience in steering a commercial portfolio of over $500 million and overseeing liabilities exceeding $1.2 billion positions him as a valuable asset in navigating Cardiac Insight’s growth trajectory.

This move signifies Cardiac Insight’s commitment to fostering leadership that understands the financial intricacies and possesses the foresight to drive innovation and growth. As the President & CGO, Roy Kim is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing Cardiac Insight’s mission to improve the quality of patient care and help clinicians save lives.

Cardiac Insight looks forward to leveraging Roy Kim’s expanded role as a catalyst for innovation, strategic partnerships, and sustained growth. With his unique perspective and comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial landscape, Kim’s elevation marks a significant milestone in Cardiac Insight’s journey toward pioneering advancements in healthcare technology.

Bellevue, WA