Cardiac Insight Sponsors VPASC’s Annual Health Fair, Aiding in Cardiovascular Education and Community Health

In a commitment to community welfare and cardiovascular health education, Cardiac Insight proudly sponsored the annual Health Fair organized by the VPASC (Vietnamese Physician Association Southern California Foundation). The event, held on November 5, 2023, at Mile Square Park’s Freedom Hall, aimed to educate and provide essential healthcare services to a diverse audience.

Cardiac Insight is a privately held ECG medical device company based in Seattle, Washington, renowned for its Cardea SOLO ECG system, a wearable ambulatory ECG patch, and Cardea 2020 ECG system specifically for athletes.

The Health Fair served as a vital platform, facilitating access to innovative healthcare solutions, particularly addressing the challenges faced by approximately 5700 homeless individuals in Orange County, some of whom seek shelter in Mile Square Park. The event welcomed all community members, providing free health services and valuable information to promote better heart health.

James Viet Tran, MD FACC, President of VPASC, expressed gratitude to Cardiac Insight, particularly acknowledging Ms. Vittoria Roberto and the Cardiac Insight team’s contribution. Dr. Tran highlighted the event’s importance in serving thousands of patients, including the homeless and uninsured, and praised the generous support from donors like Cardiac Insight.

The Health Fair featured diverse services, including free medical examinations, outreach programs, counseling, blood pressure checks, glucose and bone density tests, dental exams, and more, with a particular emphasis on outreach to underserved communities.

This event witnessed an overwhelming turnout, attracting thousands of individuals seeking healthcare services and information, underscoring the immense impact and success of the Health Fair in meeting the critical healthcare needs of the community.

The collaboration between Cardiac Insight and VPASC at this annual Health Fair stands as a shining example of how industry leaders and community organizations can unite to provide vital health services and education, ensuring better health outcomes and fostering a stronger, healthier community.

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Cardiac Insight’s support at the VPASC Health Fair underscores a commitment to community health and well-being, exemplifying a shared vision for a healthier, more informed society.

Bellevue, WA