Cardea SOLO ECG is Everything You Need in a Wearable ECG System for Research.

Collecting ECG Data is Simple.

Cardea SOLO ECG is an FDA-cleared, all-inclusive wearable 7-day continuous cardiac monitoring system that will change the way you acquire and analyze ECG data for research.

In-office or self-apply SOLO
Subject returns SOLO. Insert the Electronics Module into the Smart Cable. In minutes, review ECG data and generate reports.
Review and analyze complete and comprehensive subject ECG data including raw ECG data export and HRV software compatibility.

Fast & Easy Application

The friendly SOLO Sensor design makes it an easy choice for Academic, Pharma and Industry research projects big and small. The SOLO Sensor is lightweight, water-resistant, and wire-free. Research participants can be mailed a Sensor for self-application in remote and decentralized clinical trial applications.

Local & Secure Data

The Cardea SOLO Analysis Software installs directly on your local PC and therefore your ECG data stays on your PC or private network — no transferring of data between your research team and a third party data analysis server. Get 100% access, 100% ECG data ownership, 100% of the time.

Big Pharma & Academic Institutions Turn to Cardea SOLO for ECG DATA Collection

Where You Can Find Cardea SOLO in Research


Mobile Health Monitoring of Cardiac Status


Abstract 14160: Assessment of Atrial Fibrillation Burden by Smartwatch Photoplethysmography


Premature Atrial and Ventricular Contraction Detection Using Photoplethysmographic Data from a Smartwatch


Nursing considerations of physical activity in AF

Case Studies


The Utility of Ambulatory ECG in Support of Cardiac Research


The Cardea Solo™ ECG System Enables Advanced Analysis of Cardiac Stressors at a Major Midwestern University

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