Dreamtech Acquires Cardiac Insight, A Strategic Move to Expand into the Heart Health Market

Dreamtech, a pioneer in core modules and products for various sectors, including smartphones, fingerprint recognition, medical technology, sensors, and convergence industries, solidifies its presence in the global market with the recent acquisition of Cardiac Insight on March 14, 2022. The acquisition marks a significant step forward in Dreamtech’s strategic expansion as it ventures into the heart health market, recognizing the immense potential within this sector.

Established in 1998, Dreamtech has been at the forefront of technological innovation, having developed and manufactured core modules and products in several critical industries. With production bases in Vietnam and other strategic locations, the company has expanded globally, establishing a comprehensive portfolio.

Min Kim, the CEO of Dreamtech, expressed confidence in the acquisition, highlighting the remarkable potential he sees in Cardiac Insight’s cutting-edge products, particularly the Cardea Solo, a wearable ambulatory ECG patch, and the Cardea 20/20, a unique ECG monitoring device featuring the “International Recommendations for ECG Interpretation in Athletes.”

“Cardiac Insight’s innovative products and their dominance in the heart health market, especially with offerings like the Cardea Solo and Cardea 20/20, align with our vision of growth and expansion,” stated Min Kim, emphasizing the company’s commitment to further develop and expand Cardiac Insight’s product line.

With an eye on the future, Dreamtech is dedicated to fostering growth and innovation within Cardiac Insight. The acquisition aims to amplify the research and development initiatives, ushering in a new era of advanced products in heart health technology.

“Dreamtech is excited about the future prospects with Cardiac Insight, and we are committed to further developing and enhancing their product range in the near future,” affirmed Min Kim, underlining the company’s commitment to evolving and broadening Cardiac Insight’s offerings.

The strategic acquisition of Cardiac Insight stands as a testament to Dreamtech’s commitment to diversification and expansion into new, promising sectors. Dreamtech aims to cement its position as a key player in the heart health technology domain by incorporating Cardiac Insight into its fold.

For more information and updates on Dreamtech’s expansion and integration of Cardiac Insight into its portfolio, visit its official website for the latest news and developments.

Dreamtech’s acquisition of Cardiac Insight marks a strategic shift into the heart health market, promising innovation and growth in the technological advancements for heart health.

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