Dr. Dave Hadley Elevates Role to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Cardiac Insight

Cardiac Insight proudly announces the promotion of Dr. Dave Hadley to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective June 1, 2022. Notable accomplishments and a steadfast dedication to advancing diagnostic cardiology have characterized Dr. Hadley’s tenure with the company.

A highly accomplished researcher and expert in diagnostic cardiology, Dr. Hadley holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics and Seismology from Caltech. His early entrepreneurial spirit led to the co-founding of Sierra Geophysics during his graduate years, which later evolved into a successful software company serving the oil and gas exploration industry.

Dr. Hadley’s expertise extends beyond geophysics, as he has led multiple companies in the diagnostic cardiology field, including a pivotal role at Quinton Cardiology. Here, he successfully rebuilt the engineering team and spearheaded the development of various groundbreaking products.

Notably, his collaborative efforts with esteemed professionals like Dr. Victor Froelicher have contributed to significant research on ECG analysis, resulting in the formulation of the widely recognized “Stanford Criteria.” Dr. Hadley’s visionary work culminated in creating Cardea 20/20, leveraging the “International Consensus Criteria” to make ECG screening both economical and invaluable.

As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Dave Hadley will be central in steering Cardiac Insight’s technological endeavors. His rich geophysics background and profound contributions to diagnostic cardiology position him as a driving force in the company’s mission to improve patient care and help clinicians save lives. Cardiac Insight looks forward to the continued impact of Dr. Hadley’s leadership and expertise in shaping the future of healthcare technology.

Bellevue, WA