Cardiac Insight Welcomes Cori Graham as the New Product Manager.

Cardiac Insight proudly announces the appointment of Cori Graham as the new Product Manager, effective November 1, 2023. Cori, who previously served as the Territory Manager, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in cardiology, marking a new phase in her dedicated journey with Cardiac Insight.

Cori Graham embarked on her remarkable tenure with Cardiac Insight in 2019, initially joining as a consultant before transitioning to a full-time role in 2021. With an impressive background encompassing 14 ½ years of invaluable experience in a cardiology clinic, Cori solidified her knowledge and expertise in cardiology and interpreting heart rhythms.

Cardiac Insight identified the perfect individual in Cori Graham to take on the role of Product Manager. A Product Manager within the realm of medical devices holds a pivotal position responsible for strategic planning, development, and the overall management of specific medical devices or product ranges throughout their lifecycle.

Cori Graham’s extensive experience and passion for heart health make her an invaluable asset to Cardiac Insight’s product management team. Her dedication and expertise will undoubtedly drive the development and success of Cardiac Insight’s medical devices.

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Bellevue, WA