Cardiac Insight Experiences Remarkable Growth with Key Additions to Engineering Team.

In an era of advancements in healthcare technology, Cardiac Insight proudly announces significant expansion within its engineering team, led by Dr. Dave Hadley, Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This strategic move marks a 100% growth within the system engineers’ domain, reflecting Cardiac Insight’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The newly appointed engineering team members bring a wealth of expertise and experience, seamlessly aligning with Cardiac Insight’s mission. Here are the exceptional talents joining the roster:

Dave Hadley – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Dr. Hadley, a seasoned researcher and expert in diagnostic cardiology, has been elevated to the position of CTO. His visionary leadership will continue to drive technological advancements at Cardiac Insight.

Doug Music – Senior Director of Engineering – With a proven track record in engineering leadership, Doug Music assumes the role of Senior Director of Engineering, overseeing critical aspects of Cardiac Insight’s technological initiatives.

Ram Chintala – Principal Software Engineer (new) – A seasoned software engineering expert, Ram Chintala brings a wealth of experience to his role as Principal Software Engineer, contributing to developing innovative solutions.

John Higinbotham – Senior Software Engineer (new) – Joining as a Senior Software Engineer, John Higinbotham brings his expertise to enhance the software architecture, further fortifying Cardiac Insight’s position at the forefront of healthcare technology.

Miranda Benner – Mechanical Engineer (new) – As a Mechanical Engineer, Miranda Benner will play a pivotal role in shaping the physical aspects of Cardiac Insight’s wearable biosensor technology, contributing to its overall design and functionality.

This strategic hiring initiative enhances Cardiac Insight’s engineering talent pool and signifies rapid growth within the company. At the helm of this expansion, Dr. Hadley expresses enthusiasm for the collective expertise that will drive forward the company’s vision for cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

The additions to the engineering team signify Cardiac Insight’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in wearable ECG technology. The company looks forward to the collective impact of these remarkable talents, as they contribute to developing innovative solutions that prioritize the health and well-being of individuals globally.

Bellevue, WA