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Cardiac Insight Achieves Remarkable Sales Team Expansion, Signaling Rapid Growth and Market Expansion

Cardiac Insight, a leading provider of a wearable ambulatory ECG monitoring patch, proudly announces an exponential increase in its sales team, showcasing rapid growth and market expansion. Over the span of one year, the sales force has surged by over 40%, and within two years, the expansion has surpassed 100%, underscoring the company’s significant progress and growing presence in the industry.

This remarkable advancement underscores Cardiac Insight’s commitment to enhancing its market reach and customer engagement. This expanded sales team includes accomplished individuals with diverse expertise and skill sets to further drive the company’s success.

Cody Seige is the latest to join Cardiac Insight as a Territory Manager for Texas. Tori Roberto joined as Territory Manager for Orange County, CA, and Nevada, a strong addition to Cardiac Insight’s sales team. Joining her in the forthcoming expansion is Nate Lee, who will serve as Territory Manager for Los Angeles, CA. This growth also includes Alexa Page as the Territory Manager for San Diego, CA; Bryce Miller for Arizona; Sarah Haas and Devin Waldrop for Houston, TX; Patrick Powers and Ana Hernandez for Dallas, TX; Nicole Partipilo for Chicago, IL; Frank Di Nicola for Michigan; Molly Corbett for Boston, MA; Shay Tarver and Mario Maraczi for Atlanta, GA; and Kati Rivellese and Andrew Farber for New York. Chad Mauldin, taking on the role of Director of Sales, will oversee territories in Texas, Arizona, and Georgia.

The substantial expansion symbolizes Cardiac Insight’s robust commitment to enhancing its market presence and fortifies the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge cardiovascular solutions to a wider demographic.

“This remarkable increase in our sales team underlines our dedication to expanding our market footprint and serving more customers with our innovative cardiovascular solutions,” said Roy Kim, President & CGO for Cardiac Insight.

The addition of these seasoned professionals and leaders in their respective territories reinforces the company’s efforts to bolster its reach across key regions, bringing advanced cardiac technologies to healthcare professionals and patients.

Cardiac Insight’s significant surge in the sales team is a testament to its dedication to driving innovation, extending its reach, and providing high-quality cardiovascular solutions to an ever-expanding customer base.

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