Our Process

Cardiac Insight seeks to do more than incrementally improve diagnostics and treatment, but rather to invent complete and novel solutions to unmet clinical needs. Our medical devices and systems are created utilizing the most advanced algorithms and software that provide improvements in mean time to diagnosis and treatment. Our innovations are designed to be physician- and patient-centric.

Our Focus

Our cardiac product development seeks to provide a single-use, point-of-care solution to the complex diagnostic process of arrhythmia identification using highly patient-compliant wearable technologies combined with proprietary systems that allow providers to produce complete interpretive results on site.

Cardea SOLO™ Wearable Sensor

The first wearable ECG sensor that provides physicians instant access to patient data, enhancing mean time-to-diagnosis and reducing the overall cost of patient care. The water-resistant, disposable sensor continuously records high-quality ECG data and integrates patient event markers throughout all daily activity.

Cardea SOLO™ Analysis

Cardea SOLO Smart Cable retrieves patient ECG data from the sensor right in the physician’s office without the need for costly and time-consuming outside data analysis centers. Recorded ECG signals are analyzed to provide comprehensive reports of heart rhythms captured for immediate review.

Cardea 20/20 ECG™

Cardea 20/20 ECG is the only system in the world designed specifically to support cost-effective cardiovascular assessment of youth for identification of risk factors associated with sudden death. The system is built upon the International Criteria for ECG Interpretation in Athletes as defined by a think tank of cardiology, electrophysiology and sports medicine experts.