Who We Are

Cardiac Insight is focused on developing advanced body-worn sensing and computing technologies for diagnostic testing in cardiology, respiratory and other complex disease states. We seek to do more than incrementally improve diagnostics and treatment, but rather to invent complete and novel solutions to unmet clinical needs.



Our medical devices and systems are created utilizing the most advanced algorithms and software that provide improvements in mean time to diagnosis and treatment. Our innovations are designed to be physician- and patient-centric. With more than 100 years of combined expertise in spearheading cardiac diagnostic solutions, our team is poised to introduce the next generation of heart innovation.

Brad Harlow, CEO

An industry-leading executive in the field of cardiac diagnostics and medical devices, he most recently served as CEO of PhysioSonics and prior to that had senior positions with Data Critical (acquired by GE Medical) and Instromedix. Mr. Harlow is Chairman of CBC Partners, a private commercial lender, and also Managing Director of B.Harlow & Associates, LLC, a firm that has helped raise over $250 Million for cardiology and med-tech companies and provides strategic consulting to senior management.

Bill Willis, President

Most recently Bill served at iRhythm Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ IRTC) as President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to iRhythm, Mr. Willis founded iCardia Healthcare Inc., where the first “single-use” medical device technology was introduced into the U.S. market. During the past 30 years he has devoted his career specifically to the cardiac diagnostic industry. Mr. Willis has been responsible for building several of the preeminent companies in the industry today, including iRhythm Technologies Inc., CardioNet, where he served in the Office of the President, and Lifewatch, as President and Chief Executive Officer.

David Hadley, PhD

Dr. Hadley has over 30 years of hands-on experience blending customer needs with information technology through research and development. He spent nine years as Vice President of Research and Development for Quinton Cardiology. In this role, Dr. Hadley was responsible for rebuilding the engineering team, establishing robust new product architectures and developing the next generation of Quinton and Burdick diagnostic ECG products. Prior to his role at Quinton Cardiology, Dr. Hadley was with Primus Knowledge Solutions and Sierra Geophysics. He earned his PhD from the California Institute of Technology.

Robert Odell, COO

With broad operating, product development, strategy and regulatory/quality experience, Mr. Odell has held executive positions at General Electric, Medtronic, Analogic Corporation and Siemens. Prior to working with Cardiac Insight, he was CEO and COO of Cardiac Science Corporation and Criticare Systems Inc., leaders in the defibrillation and patient monitoring markets.

Mike Schuh, CFO

With almost 30 years of experience in accounting and finance., Mr. Schuh was most recently (from 2000 until 2010) Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of SonoSite Inc., the pioneer and leader of point-of-care hand-carried ultrasound. During his tenure, worldwide sales grew from $10 million to $275 million and employees from 100 to 900.

Victor Froelicher, MD

A professor of medicine at Stanford University and cardiologist to Stanford University athletes, Dr. Froelicher is respected worldwide for his knowledge about cardiology, exercise, computerized electrocardiography and the cardiovascular system. Dr. Froelicher has been director of the ECG and Exercise Testing Laboratories at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System since 1992.Previously, he served 11 years in the U.S. Air Force and as Chief of Cardiology at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center and principal investigator of the NIHLBI randomized trial of cardiac rehabilitation called PERFEXT.

Early testing can avert disaster, but false positives are stressful and costly. Now there’s a solution…from a company called Cardiac Insight.